Range of services

First, the centerpiece – translation

Translation is at the core of my business. Depending on the fidelity to the source material and the extent to which a target text is rooted in the target culture, this process is also called localization or transcreation.

What are you looking for?

Translation: Pure transfer of information.

Appropriate for technical texts, in-house messages and user guides.

Localization: Texts are adapted to the target culture to ensure that they deliver the message in a clear and natural way. Significant factors include cultural conventions, standards of politeness and varying formality in different contexts.

Appropriate for websites and app content.

Transcreation: The target text is a creative text in its own right and firmly rooted in the target culture, evoking emotion and a strong connection. It is the only way to successfully transfer humor, idiomatic phrases and cultural allusions to another language.

Appropriate for slogans, marketing material and works of fiction.

This list is only meant to provide some general direction – naturally, most texts will require a combination of all three techniques. However, determining the most pertinent one helps me calculate the necessary work effort and possible deadlines more precisely. 

In any case, I will deliver an appealing text that conveys the meaning of the original.


Copy editing

In addition to translating, I would be happy to proofread texts and offer formal and/or stylistic pointers, as requested.

This is offered either as a standalone service or as part of a translation request, in which case I would highlight possible improvements to the original while also transferring it to another language.

Office supplies

Quality assurance

To ensure that translated content is not only linguistically correct but also appropriately displayed, I check websites and apps to make sure all texts are well formatted and shown in the right place.

As German texts tend to be longer than their English counterparts, they can cause layout issues, so one last look at the final product is particularly important for translations into German.


Areas of expertise



Novels, blurbs, nonfiction, comics

Entertaining, natural sounding works of fiction and nonfiction
to entice and enthrall

Sign I fell in love here


Slogans, product descriptions, videos, 
newsletters, campaign material

Texts that speak directly to your customers' emotions
to open up new markets and increase sales



Hotel and food services, leisure activities, travel

Clearly outlining all pertinent information in an appealing way



Rulebooks, descriptions, text boxes, dialogue
– for board and video games

Let's make sure game night is a blast in any language!



Learning apps, educational videos, how-to-articles

Learning to play music is no easy feat in itself – 
language should not be a limiting factor here!

Mixing board

Subtitles and voiceovers

Promo videos, educational videos, entertainment

Appealing subtitles and voiceover scripts with close attention to time constraints and character limits


Website and app content

General copy, FAQ, UI

Localizing all material 
to speak directly to your target audience

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